BMS+Enterpise ERP

Your Business Manager Software(BMS) that delivers and makes your work easire and more efficent via the BMS+Enterprise ERP(Enterprise Resourse Planning).


One system that fits All

Highly Customizable

Our ERP software can be customized to suite any business type and needs!

Financial Analytics

BMS+Enterprise provides and financial module that captures all financial process and includes Ledgers entries,Journals,Chart of Accounts,Final statements like statement of comprehensive income,Balance sheets,cahsflows etc.

Smart Inventory Control

The Control for Inventory is smart and always arcurate via our stock valuation systems and notification managemnt module


From Purchase Requestions to purchase orders the system can cater for order processing and is desinged to accommodate all the procurement process.

24/7 Support

We provide dedicated support once we deploy our system 24/7


Our system is capable of doing all retail activies and perfome sales as well


The system can be used in any currency for any country and they operate in real time,You can also apply tax rates for taxed products


The invoicing system is broad from sales invoices,purchase invoices,purchase orders,quotations,etc

Highly Mobile

Our system are cloud based so they can be used anywhere and can be accessed from anywhere even on off work-premisis


The system comes with a manufacturing module that simplifies the whole amnufacturing process and bill of material listing etc


We can create the wharehouse module based on your specific requirement and how to run warehousing activies within your organisaion

Customer Realtionship Management (CRM)

Customer purchasing trends,credits,accounts,contacts and notification!