Software development

-We develop custom softwares for entrepreneures,start-ups that want to embrace technology for their business.

-We develop and implement new enterprise applications from scratch to final stage of intergrating them within your organisation.

-Businesses that needs new softwares and systems that are unique and meet their business goals and vision here at Webtechs Software Solution we are the best at what we do and we are innovative about it also.

-We develop from web mobile app to desktop applications.For more info:

Why partner with Webtechs

We are a team of engineers that have had years of experiance in business softwares and we take pride in what we do as an organisation for our clients. Some of the Notable software projects we have developed are Business Manager Point of sale and BMS+Enterprise ERP software.
software development life cycle

Quality Assurance

We pay attention to our clients requirements and needs then perform business analysis for your organisation before our team of engineers create the product to ensure that when we deliver the final product for the best quality and it meets all of your requirements.

Software Mordenisation

We can replace your old and outdated softwares with new technologically advanced custom softwares that cut costs and improve your organisational perfomance.

Idea generation

Are your organisations expenses high? We offer business analysis which is free of charge to understand how you run your day to day business and generate ideas on how you can cut cost using custom softwares and archive high net profits.

Who do we serve ?

Webtechs software solutions serves all natures of business in various sectors by providing highly innovative,fatser and responsive custom softwares that solves your problems or challenges. Through our free business Analyis method we have came to understand how most industries work.Making us the best at what we do.
financial accounting


Any business that deals with financial calculations.We have created and ERP systems that covers all sides of the business across all departments of any business.

financial accounting

Retail and Wholesale

We have build smart systems that are more advanced for day to day trading and running of businesses,giving best results and improving your current business processes.You can check it out on Business Manager Point of sale.



Our solutions for the healthcare sector are more advanced and aim to solve most struggles that are faced by patients and health workers.